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Friday, September 18, 2009

Fuck You, Evony!

As if their ad campaign wasn't already stupid enough, now they've abandoned all pretense of having the women dressed in medieval fantasy clothes.

This stuff is too amateurish to be the work of any reputable advertising agency. Not that we've learned to expect good things from ad agencies, but if the jackasses responsible for Evony actually paid an expert to come up with these concepts, that was money wasted. They could have saved a bundle and just had some 4Chan pervert-boy design their banners.

I hate you, Evony!

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  1. Evony is a game a Chinese company created; they also stole a lot of descriptions, images, etc. from other games. Evony is a horribly advertised and created game. They constantly try to get you to pay money while playing, too. A complete joke of a game...